Milton-Freewater Rural Fire Department Purpose & Values

Community Trust
As guardians of our communities' health, safety and property, we believe in maintaining high principles and ethical standards and in leading by example. Caring and respect for every individual is at the center of all we do. We will work to build healthier communities, and improve quality of life by promoting active involvement in civic, charitable, and political affairs.

Our focus on innovative health and safety solutions will ensure that our clients receive high quality, cost-effective service. We will take a leading role in transforming practices in our industry by challenging current assumptions and bureaucracies and exploring creative alternatives that bring greater quality and value to the people we serve.

We strive to be constantly aware and responsive to the changing needs of the people we serve so that we may anticipate and meet their expectations. We will approach every job task with the same degree of care and sensitivity.

Leadership and Teamwork
We value strong leadership, and clearly communicate our guiding vision and objectives. It is every employee's responsibility to pursue that vision with passion and pride, through teamwork and collaboration. Our work environment is one which recognizes and rewards outstanding performance.

Every employee must have the ability to embrace and absorb change and, at the same time, remain positive, focused, organized and proactive. To maintain our leadership position, we must be flexible in the manner that we respond to change, for the dynamic nature of a global marketplace requires we do so.

Learning and Knowledge
We believe that the source of our success lies within the intellectual, social, physical, and spiritual development of each of us. We are committed to the professional development of our employees, and to provide them with the proper motivation, tools and opportunities to best serve our clients and communities.

Rick Saager Chief