Mobile Helibase

Milton Freewater Mobile Helibase Information

Milton Freewater Rural Fire District set the standards in helibase communications. We were one of the first to market this concept. We strive to provide the best in mobile communications.

Mobile Helibase communication centers. State of the art communication trailers designed and built for helicopter and aircraft air to ground radio communications. Along with other radio equipment, weather monitoring station, fax machine, cell phones, environmentally controlled and self - contained.

Check out pictures of the inside of our Mobile Helibase Trailers.

Download Our Helibase Mobile Communications and Crash/Rescue Brochure (PDF 1.9 MB) ***Note if you are running Windows 98 or you are experiencing problems viewing the PDF file, right click on the link and choose save file to desktop. Once you do this, you will be able to open the file in Acrobat reader and view it.