Milton-Freewater Emergency Medical Service

In 1984 Milton-Freewater Rural Fire District saw a need to provide our community with some sort of emergency medical service. This was due to the long response time to get an ambulance from Walla Walla to Milton-Freewater. With that in mind, we made the determination to start a QRT team (quick response team). This started with three EMT basics. From that time we have continued to expand our service. In 1991, we had nine EMT basics, which allowed us to handle more than one ambulance call at a time. Continuing at this level of care until July of 2000. On July first of 2000 we started transporting ALS (Advanced Life Support patients). Making us the sole ambulance provider in Milton-Freewater area. Upon going ALS, we started with two paramedics and have since hired a third. We now have two fully staffed ALS ambulances and a mechanical back-up ambulance. Along with the three Paramedics we have two intermediate EMT's and 13 basic EMT's. We provide a rescue truck which is equipped with the Jaws of Life, inflatable air bags and many other types of rescue equipment. By the time you buy the ambulance and outfit it to state of the art advanced life support levels, the cost is approximately $165,000.00 for each ambulance.

We run one paramedic and one EMT on each ambulance, these are paid staff. The volunteers respond with there own vehicles to the scene and assist the on duty staff. If we have a second call at the same time, a volunteer responds to the station and picks up the second out ambulance and responds to the scene.

We have some of the top response times in the state. Our average response for the first EMT on scene is under four minutes. To put that in prospective if you call for an ambulance in downtown Portland your average wait is ten to twelve minutes. We are very proud of our response times here.